Located on 4th street in the Mission district of Calgary, this neighbourhood café opened in 2005. It’s a bit strange to think they’ve been around for almost 13 years now. Their mandate is to provide a great neighbourhood coffee experience and they absolutely do. The place is a bit like Central Perk in Friends, albeit with a few too many chairs – which sometimes leads to over crowding. But that said, the food is stellar, the sandwiches delicious, and the chocolate cake to die for and a great sharing size even for a true chocoholic like myself. With a warm and inviting atmosphere it is easy to hang out here until closing. Make sure to check out their Mac and Cheese and their exquisite Tea Lattes. Also, they do have a wonderful message board – so be sure to check that out for learning the ins of what’s happening around Mission and the City.


For those of us who love to people watch, this is a great place to do so. They have a long bar that runs the window with bar stools to watch from high, as well as a patio for summer time watching. Now you can pretend you’re in Europe; if that’s your thing. It certainly is mine *blushes*.


The one thing that’s missing – Phoebe Buffet – Personally I think it would be great if they did a “Friends” night once a month (set up a screen and watch re-runs while drinking coffee and tea lattes), either that or some Slam Poetry or Karaoke mic night.

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