Meet The Team

Zaakir – Office Manager
Zaakir is our office manager, and with a background in finance and economics. He is responsible for the condition of the suites, buildings, and the day-to-day management of your tenant experience. Zaak handles the approval of tenant applications, tenant concerns or inquiries, coordinates suite maintenance and repairs, and works with trades to ensure the buildings stay clean and safe. He is also responsible for rent collection, and responding to building and lease violations.

Leasing Agents
Along with Zaak, we have Rosie, and together they act as our leasing agents, and who focus on young professionals and properties within Calgary’s inner-city. As a result, from the moment you first inquire about a suite, Zaak and the other agents will act as relationship manager through the rental process. They will show you suitable suites, explain the application process, and will also walk you through the lease upon acceptance of an application. They will move you both into your suite at the beginning of your tenancy, and out of your suite at the end.

Dennis  –  Caretaker
Dennis has been a caretaker with Tanzah for over 25-years. He also acts as the primary emergency after-hours contact for your suite. Should a problem arise in the middle of the night, such as a noise violation, break-in, or mechanical problem within the building, Dennis is there to respond in a timely fashion.

Day-to-Day Maintenance – Tomas
Tomas and the rest of our small team take turns in doing walks-though the buildings on a regular basis to ensure the common areas of the buildings are clean, and that the mechanical systems are running smoothly. Tomas is responsible for general day-to-day maintenance such as changing light bulbs in common areas, and any minor problems you may have within your suite such as clogged drains.