We are by nature complex beings with many facets to our lives. So how do we live simply and do we even want to?

The concept of minimalism is often for many a concept of starkness and clear cutting – to live with clean lines, with little clutter, and with as little as one can get away with.

From another perspective living minimalism could simply convert to living simply beautifully and comfortably, so that we can accept what simplicity and minimalism are really about. To live within our means surrounded only by what we love, and only by that which truly enhances our lives.

This concept of minimalism as beautiful simple and comfortable living that is about living within our means surrounded only by what we love can translate into our jobs, our relationships, and thus infuse our whole lives. In fact, how much happier we would be if we chose to slowly surround ourselves by that which we loved and that which enhanced our wonderfully complex lives.


As we grow, we come to know ourselves and who we are on a complex level. This knowledge of ourselves we can use to help us live beautifully, simply, and comfortably. I, for example, enjoy cooking – but 95% of what I cook does not use an oven. So if I translate this information to the philosophy of beautiful simple comfortable living, I don’t need oven wares, and by not buying them, I can invest more in a beautiful duvet cover that I can sink. Another benefit of not purchasing oven wares is that I will never feel guilty about owning things I don’t use. For each of us, living simply beautifully will look different.


Overall, choose we, to turn to this kind of living, we yield less stress, more happiness and more freedom.

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