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If you are looking to rent an inner-city suite in the coming months, contact us to be put on the waitlist. As units become available, we can email you to see if you are interested in scheduling a viewing. There are three major advantages to being on the waitlist:

  1. Many tenants give 2 or more months of notice before terminating their tenancy. By being on the waitlist, you’ll have the opportunity to view the suite before we would advertise it on rental websites. This allows you to more easily coordinate giving a full calendar months termination notice on your own rental so you don’t lose your security deposit.
  2. Being on the waitlist means you don’t have to keep checking the website. We’ll notify you, saving you time and effort. And you can rest easy knowing you won’t miss any.
  3. It can be difficult to find a good rental in Calgary’s hot rental market. Vacancy rates are between 1-3%. Being on the waitlist ensures you get the first opportunity to view a suite!

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